Settings - Taxes

It is not a secret that managing and paying taxes is a very important part of every business. Our system allows you to optimize this process and make it more convenient for a business owner.

You can configure the system according to your needs and form of business you run.

To configure taxes:

1) Go to general settings

2) Choose Vat from the list

You have two modes to work with:

  • You are not a VAT payer
  • You are a VAT payer

If you choose that you are not a VAT payer, then all prices you provide in the system will be gross prices. The system will not collect VAT rates from you and will provide all customer summaries in this form.

However, if you choose the option of being a VAT payer, you will be forced to provide your country of residence, tax identification number, and the default VAT rate for your products.


The default VAT rate is only an auxiliary value. Adding products to the offer will be taken as the default one, but you will always be able to change it in the system.