Marketing - Discount codes

Promotions and discount codes are very effective marketing instruments which can boost your sales.

Our system allows you to create promotional codes, which you can pass on to clients in your marketing or remarketing activities. When booking something, customers can use these codes.

After entering the code, customers receive a discount on the terms you defined when creating the promotion. They will be able to see a discount directly in their basket.

In order to create a discount code:

1) Go to the marketing section

2) Choose discount codes in the list

Firstly, you need to specify the name of the code and also choose whether it will apply to the entire buscket or a specific single booking for which you have a promotion.

Then you should define whether code can be used by your customer only once or repeatedly and whether it has an upper limit in case it is used repeatedly. 


Each promotion can be calculated by amount or percentage and activated depending on the size of the booking.